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OPAM 2005 workshop

Kate Arrington (; Andy Leber (; Steve Mitroff (; Aude Oliva (;

OPAM is a workshop dedicated to issues in object perception, attention, and memory, as well as other areas of visual cognition. It takes place, each year, on the first day of the meeting of the Psychonomic Society. OPAM is intended as a forum for scientists early in their careers, such as graduate students or post docs. It represents an excellent opportunity to present one's work to a large audience mainly drawn from the Psychonomics community. Research may be presented as either a talk or a poster. We would strongly like to encourage submissions from anyone who does not yet have the opportunity to present at Psychonomics. We would furthermore like to emphasize that the conference embraces a diversity of approaches to the study of object perception and memory. Such approaches can include, for example, psychophysics, developmental psychology, or neuroscience.

Online submissions for this year's OPAM will be accepted between July 18th and August 1st at OPAM will take place November 10th in Toronto before Psychonomics.

For the 2nd year in a row, there will be no registration fee for OPAM! (although, please register online at