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ACIDCA-ICMI'2005 : Final CFP and Extended Deadline (May 31, 2005)

International Conference on Machine Intelligence
Tozeur, Tunisia, November 5-7, 2005

Pleanary sessions, invited talks, workshops, tutorials, special sessions and special events are announced on the conference web site

ACIDCA-ICMI'2005 will be organized into five tracks focusing on theory, implementation and applications.

The tracks are:

  • CI : Computational Intelligence
  • IC : Intelligent Control
  • IDA : Intelligent Data Analysis
  • IPA : Intelligent Pattern Analysis
  • ISA : Intelligent Systems Architectures

The venue for the ACIDCA-ICMI'2005 Conference will be Tozeur, Tunisia <>. Tozeur a prosperous town, was once, in its oases and mountains, one of the Roman outposts named "Thusuros" and a stopping point for the caravans coming from the sub Sahara to trade with the coastal cities of the Mediterranean, it now owes its fame and affluence to the stately palm and its world renowned dates - deglet nour "fingers of light".

The conference will be held November 5-7, 2005 in Tozeur in south-western Tunisia accessible by the international airport of Tozeur. The remarkable architecture of Tozeur, beige sun baked bricks set in geometric patterns, Moorish arches and high vaulted ceilings and the shops offering locally woven carpets, Berber jewellery and ornaments, promise visitors another aspect of Tunisia.


Honorary Chairs: J.C. Bezdek (USA), T. Fukuda (JP), Mo Jamshidi (USA)

Conference General Chair: A.M. Alimi (TN)

Conference Co-Chairs:
Computational Intelligence: F. Herrera (ES)
Intelligent Control: P. Borne (FR)
Intelligent Data Analysis: F. Karray (CA)
Intelligent Pattern Analysis: S. Raudys (LT)
Intelligent Systems Architectures: K. Schilling (DE)

Program Committee Chairs:
Computational Intelligence: H. Frigui (USA)
Intelligent Control: M. Sano (JP)
Intelligent Data Analysis: M. Hamdi (HK)
Intelligent Pattern Analysis: C.G. Leedham (SG)
Intelligent Systems Architectures: A. BenAbdelHafid (FR)