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The 3rd European Meeting in Physiological Optics

The 3rd European Meeting in Physiological Optics will take place at the Department of Optometry and Visual Science, School of Allied Health Sciences of City University in London.

This meeting plans to build upon the very successful predecessors in Wroclaw, Poland and most recently Granada, Spain. The meeting will cover many aspects of Physiological Optics, including clinical studies, basic research and instrumentation. Topics will include all aspects of optics related to the eye, such as:

  • scattering
  • polarisation
  • cornea
  • crystalline lens and accommodation
  • retinal image quality
  • refraction and eye aberrations
  • adaptive optics in the eye
  • spectacle, contact and intraocular lens designs
  • new ophthalmic technologies applied to vision

The meeting will not address any issues directly related to refractive surgery. The aim is to create a space for other aspects of Physiological Optics that are not as popular at the moment, and in so doing encourage a forum for scientific discussion.

The important aim of the meeting, being held in one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world, is to provide an environment rich in discussion. A social programme is also being arranged which will hopefully encourage an exchange of ideas in an enjoyable atmosphere.

Deadline for submission: To be announced.
Registration Fees: To be announced.

For further information please contact:
Luis Diaz-Santana for queries regarding topics and scientific content.
Sara Hunt for queries regarding venue, accommodation, travelling, etc.