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McGill Calibrated Colour Image Database

This is a new database that provides a large number of colour images of natural scenes, calibrated, if required, for use in biological and computer vision research. The images can be viewed and downloaded from a user-friendly website.

The images were taken with a digital camera, and Matlab routines are provided to correct for the gamma-nonlinearity of the camera, and to convert the images from RGB to LMS (Long-, Middle- and Short-wavelength-sensitive cone response) format, if required.

So far there is over 700 images and the number is increasing each month. The images in the database are 786 X 576 pixels, scaled from the 1920 X 2560 pixel originals. The original images can be obtained on request.

The database website is:

The database was created as an initiative of Fred Kingdom's laboratory at McGill Vision Research. The cameras were calibrated at Bristol University with the help of Alejandro Parraga and Tom Troscianko.

Further information about the database can be obtained from