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Image Quality and System Performance III - Call for Papers

Call for Papers and Announcement


Image Quality and System Performance III (EI107) Part of the IS&T/SPIE International Symposium on Electronic Imaging 15-19 January 2006 ? San Jose Marriott and San Jose Convention Center ? San Jose, CA, USA

Conference Chairs: Yoichi Miyake, Chiba Univ. (Japan); Luke C. Cui, Lexmark International, Inc.

Program Committee: Peter D. Burns, Eastman Kodak Co.; Mark D. Fairchild, Rochester Institute of Technology; Susan Farnand, Eastman Kodak Co.; Frans Gaykema, Océ-Technologies B.V. (Netherlands); Dirk Hertel, Polaroid Corp.; Robin B. Jenkin, Cranfield Univ. (United Kingdom); Steven V. Korol, Xerox Corp.; Nathan Moroney, HP Labs; Rene Rasmussen, Xerox Corp.; Eric K. Zeise, NexPress Solutions LLC

This conference focuses on the study of image quality for electronic system specification, measurement and design. Application areas include image capture, compression, digital and conventional printing, display technologies and video. Papers are welcome on current image quality research and applications including:

Image quality understanding, measurement, simulation and modeling

  • color and spatial attribute characterization and metrics
  • attributes integration and interactions
  • image defect simulation
  • system image quality simulation and modeling
  • image quality based system tolerancing.

Subjective image quality evaluation and modeling

  • psychophysics
  • psychometric scaling and modeling
  • preference measurement and modeling
  • sampling theory and statistics for image quality survey design and analysis
  • subjective measurement for vision based modeling evaluation
  • web-based image quality survey, measurement, modeling and management.

Image quality standards for capture, print and display

  • emerging standards for image quality
  • digital versus analogue standards
  • performance of existing and proposed standards

System performance and modeling

  • modeling and analysis of advances in image acquisition, sampling and encoding
  • quality of computer based processing
  • extraction of image quality measures from digital images
  • instrumentation and industrial measurement systems
  • measurement of print and display microstructure (dots, edges, color, resolution, distortion, etc).
  • technology dependent characterization (banding, streaking, etc)
  • image noise analysis and color error propagation
  • methods for system performance benchmarking
  • methods for system performance measurement and control
  • balancing image quality against cost, features and reliability

Image quality evaluation for other emerging technologies

  • multispectral imaging
  • image quality assessment for machine recognition
  • document layout aesthetics.

When considering whether to submit a paper, potential authors are advised to also consider related conferences on Human Vision and Electronic Imaging, and Color and Imaging: Processing, Hardcopy and Applications.

Abstract Due Date: 3 July 2005 Manuscript Due Date: 24 October 2005 200-word Final Summary Due Date: 14 November 2005 Proceedings of this conference will be published and available at the meeting.

For more information on this and other related conferences, please see