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A Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Summer Course

Computational Neuroscience: Vision
A Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Summer Course

June 16 - 29, 2006

Computational modeling and simulation have produced important advances in our understanding of neural processing.  This intensive summer course focuses on areas of visual science in which interactions among psychophysics, neurophysiology, and computation have been especially fruitful.  The course combines lectures with hands-on problem solving using the MatLab programming environment in a computer laboratory. Lectures will be given by the course organizers, and by invited lecturers including: Larry Abbott (Columbia U), David Brainard (U Pennsylvania), Matteo Carandini (Smith-Kettlewell Eye Institute), Marissa Carrasco (NYU), EJ Chichilnisky (Salk Institute), Yang Dan (UC Berkeley), Jack Gallant (UC Berkeley), Wilson Geisler (UT Austin), David Heeger (NYU), Nancy Kanwisher (MIT), Michael Lewicki (Carnegie Mellon), Tony Movshon (NYU), Michael Platt (Duke U), Pamela Reinagel (UCSD), Dario Ringach (UCLA), Jonathan Victor (Cornell U)

Participants in all previous courses are listed at:

Applications must be submitted by 15 March 2006.  Further information:

Course Organizers:
   Jonathan Demb,       University of Michigan
   Eero P. Simoncelli,  New York University
   Stefan Treue,        University of Tuebingen