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Tenth Annual Vision Research Conference
April 28-29, 2006
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Full program now available at:

Call for Posters deadline: February 3, 2006

Organizers on behalf of the Board of Vision Research:

- Klaus Peter Hofmann, Humboldt University, Germany
- Kris Palczewski, Case Western Reserve University, USA
- Wolfgang Baehr, University of Utah, USA

Organized by Vision Research / Elsevier and co-sponsored by ARVO, this two day conference immediately prior to the 2006 Annual Meeting of ARVO will provide delegates with a comprehensive look at recent advances in rhodopsin research. Session topics and chairs include:

Structure and stability of the rhodopsin ground state
- Chair: Paul Hargrave, University of Florida, USA

Retinal isomerization and coupling to the apoprotein
- Chair: Klaus Peter Hofmann, Humboldt University, Germany

Coupling of R* to transducin, GRK1, and arrestin
- Chair: Kevin Ridge, University of Texas, USA

Rhodopsin and GPCRs: similarities and differences
- Chair: Heidi Hamm, Vanderbilt University, USA

Release of the retinal chromophore and rhodopsin regeneration
- Chair: Dan Oprian, Brandeis University, USA

Cone pigments and evolution of color vision
- Chair: Gerald Jacobs, University of California at Santa Barbara, USA

Trafficking of rhodopsin
- Chair: Dusanka Deretic, University of New Mexico, USA

Rhodopsin mutations and retina disease
- Chair: Wolfgang Baehr, University of Utah, USA

Abstracts for poster presentations at the conference are invited. Please submit abstracts online at by February 3, 2006.

The Tenth Annual Vision Research Conference is sponsored and hosted by Elsevier / Vision Research ( The meeting is co-sponsored by ARVO (

For further details visit: or contact