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Visiting Fellowship Program in Functional MRI

The Visiting Fellowship Program in Functional MRI continues to be offered three times per year in Charlestown (5 minutes from Boston), Massachusetts. It is sponsored by the MGH/MIT/HMS Athinoula A. Martinos Center for Biomedical Imaging.

  **  The next program is scheduled for  June 26-30, 2006.  **

The June 26-30, 2006 program is a 5-Day intensive workshop. Participants attend lectures, have ample time for informal discussion with the lecturers, attend a "demonstration" fMRI experiment, get some hands-on experience with data analysis, design a group fMRI experiment, and implement, execute, and analyze the data from that experiment.

The main focus is on the basics of the physics, experimental design, and data analysis of fMRI-based experiments.  It serves as a rapid and thorough introduction to people new to the field, who are considering active research or are planning and carrying experiments based on fMRI. Many laboratories have found this an efficient way to get new people started (in contrast to having to wait for a full semester's normal academic program).  Participants with a modest amount of experience in an fMRI-based laboratory, and who are ready for a more thorough presentation of the foundations, also report getting a great deal from the program.

The emphasis continues to be on theoretical basics, with hands-on experimental design workshops and detailed discussion of issues associated with data analysis and data-analysis-software packages. However, this is not primarily a course designed to teach participants the details of using any specific package.

For on-line registration and more detailed information regarding registration, accommodation, etc., consult the web page at:  or send e-mail to: