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Article Posted by btel - Last updated: 2004-07-06
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Receptive field properties of single neurons in the cat superior colliculus were examined following selective conduction-block of Y-type fibers in contralateral optic nerve. Although the responses evoked by photic stimuli presented via the Y-blocked eye were significantly weaker than those evoked by stimuli presented via the normal eye, > 85% of collicular cells were binocular. Furthermore, when binocular cells were stimulated via the Y-blocked eye their median upper cut-off velocity (100 degrees /s) was significantly lower than that (400 degrees /s) for stimuli presented via the normal eye. Thus, there is a substantial degree of excitatory convergence of Y- and non-Y- information channels on single collicular neurons and the responses to high velocity of motion appear to depend on the integrity of Y-type input.
Description Evoked potential recorded by single electrode from rat's barrel cortex after whisker stimulation was shown to be composed of two main principal components shifted in time by about 3ms. These components were proposed to represent activity of supra- and infragranular pyramidal cell classes. We now show that a brief cooling pulse applied to the cortical surface abolishes the shorter latency component and that this component may therefore be attributed to the response of supragranular pyramidal cells. The longer latency principal component, which disappears only with strong cooling pulses, is proposed to represent postsynaptic activity of infragranular pyramidal neurons.
Bibliographic Information Clin Neurophysiol. 112(9): 1720-5
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2004/04/19 20:26:00 GMT+2
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