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How to model neurons and neural systems?


How to model neurons and neural systems?
Integrating biophysics, morphology, and connectivity

Second Polish-Norwegian Neuroinformatics Workshop
Warsaw, Poland, January 14-15, 2010


Construction of realistic neural models faces multiple challenges. Characteristics of membrane physiology are often obtained from different cells. Reconstruction of the neuron morphologies and network connectivity are each posing problems of their own. For practical reasons it is impossible to build a realistic model of any single neuron which leads to multiple questions: What do models tell us about the reality? What are the most reliable strategies for building single neurons and networks on different levels of complexity? How can we automatically generate populations of morphologically and physiologically different neurons and how can we tune them to best approximate the real systems?

The Second Polish-Norwegian Neuroinformatics Workshop in Warsaw, 2010, will address these and related issues. Gathering modelers and computational anatomists, theoreticians and experimentalists, we aim at providing a forum for discussion of optimal model-building strategies, summarizing state of the art, and opening new vistas for the future.

NEW: Download the poster.

First Polish-Norwegian Neuroinformatics workshop

The first workshop was devoted to modelling and interpretation of extracellular field potentials. It was held in Ski, Norway, in January 2009, and gathered around 70 participants.


The workshop is supported by a grant from Norway through the Norwegian Financial Mechanism and the Polish-Norwegian Research Fund.

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