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Uploading content

Publishing Content

Once you have created an item, the next step is to publish it so that it becomes available to other site visitors. You do this by changing it's "state".

By default, items are created in the visible state. This means they can be found through the search interface and by typing in their URL directly, but they will not appear in site navigation. Items that are published appear in site navigation and are also available to site visitors who are not logged in.

Depending upon your role in the site, you may be able to publish an item directly or you may need to submit it to a reviewer for approval first. Either way, your task is accomplished by clicking on the "state" tab at the top of the object window.

When publishing an item, you may choose whether to make it available permanently or for a limited time. You do this by setting effective dates and expiration dates.

The effective date is the date that the the page will become available. If you don't select an effective date, the item will become available as soon as it is published.

The expiration date is the date the page will be made unavailable to everyone but site managers. If you don't select one, the item will be available until it is removed from the site.

After you have chosen your effective and expiration dates, click the radio button next to "publish" or "submit" (which one is available depends upon your permissions) and then click "save".

Once an item has been published, you can retract it by clicking on the "state" tab and then clicking the "retract" radio button at the bottom of the form, then clicking "save". This will change the item's state back to "visible".

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